Thursday, August 21, 2008

More News about our Tram Expert

So, I was going to blog about how the Ministry of Transportation finally cleared the sand and broken bits of glass/car/truck from the 3-foot sidewalk that is 1-foot away from trucks going 90km/h at my bus stop by my work at 192nd Street and Highway 10. It only took 6 months... but, I came across another great article about our tram/light rail expert Brent Graham in the Langley Times.

How would LRT change Langley? Substantially, by all accounts. “People will be more relaxed,” Graham said. The elderly and handicapped will stay connected to the community, and carbon emissions from vehicles will be reduced. Trams could easily navigate the hill on 200 Street.

Asked about the merits of trams vs rapid buses, Graham replied: “You will get riders on a tram that you won’t get on a bus . . . the tram is in a different class.”

Councillor Charlie Fox said that while council’s eyes are opened to the benefits of trams, TransLink’s are not.

It’s a challenge for the transportation authority to understand the value of looking at alternatives to buses, he said.

“It’s difficult to believe that they don’t already know,” Graham replied.

“It’s not a great secret. This is easy stuff we’re talking about.”

Please read the whole article on the Langley Times website.

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