Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Healthcare and Transit Oriented Development?

An interesting opinion piece from the Island can be found here. The author speaking about the linking of transit oriented development (TOD) not just to transportation, but also to health care. The author says....

"We need to accept the make-it-happen mindset, and sign on for Transit-Oriented Development  (TOD). If TOD is to help build a greener world, it must reach  beyond the conventional boundaries of transit. It must be woven into the fabric of health care and other public services,  blend into land-use and taxation policy, and integrate with  residential construction and economic development."

We previously wrote about Langley developer Leo Mitrunen and his plans for such a link on 200th Street. Leo lived overseas for many years as I did, and has a different perspective on things. Perhaps this TOD and Health Care link has come of age?

We like it!

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