Friday, July 25, 2008

Trams expert calls for light rail action

Our light rail expert, Brent Graham, was interview by the Langley Advance and appeared on page 3 of today's paper.
After years of working with General Electric Transportation on projects in San Francisco, he found work with SKM, an Australian firm. He is the company's project director for rail projects in Melbourne, which has the third-largest system of light trains and trams in the world. Working with the system and riding it almost every day has made Graham an advocate of light rail as a
solution to road gridlock.
One of the questions that is brought up about the viability of a streetcar on 200th street is the hill.
One of the major problems often suggested for a 200th Street tram is the hill
between 68th and 72nd Avenues, with its six per cent grade. "We have quite a lot
of locations [in Melbourne] that are seven, eight per cent, and there's one
that's even nine per cent," said Graham.

Brent Graham will be speaking to the Township of Langley Council at about 3:30pm on Monday, July 28th.

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