Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reasons to Like High Gas Prices

Today's Commercial-News out of Illinois included a republished list of "10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas." It included things like the return of foreign jobs; slowing of urban sprawl; four-day work weeks for some; less pollution; more frugality; fewer traffic deaths; cheaper insurance; less traffic and more physical exercise.

The article's author Kevin Cullen then added some of his own and included this:

"More freight and passengers moved by rail. Wouldn’t it be nice to go somewhere without a semi on your tail? The loss of our once-great network of passenger trains, streetcars and interurban lines had to be one of the dumbest moves in U.S. history."

We couldn't agree with Kevin more. And it also has to rank high on the list of the dumbest moves in Canadian history as well.

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