Monday, July 28, 2008

Light Rail Transit at Township Council This Afternoon

Light rail expert Brent Graham will address the Langley Township Special Council meeting that will start at 3:30pm or 4:00pm, following the in-camera meeting. Brent is the project manager for the largest LRT and streetcar/tram network outside of Europe and the third largest if Europe is counter. He will explain to council how LRT on the old Interurban rail line, and a streetcar/tram project along 200th Street are a no-brainer. He will also tell us how the technical challenges that most people exist along 200th Street corridor just aren't an issue.

Brent has been busy over the past few months absorbing the many local light rail consulting reports that South Fraser OnTrax has provided to him. The meeting is public of course and we hope that as many people as possible come out to show their support for Light Rail Transit.

Please join us!
Township of Langley Municipal Facility
20338 - 65 Avenue, 4th Floor
Around 3:30pm

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