Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Public Safety and the Basics. Langley City's $26 million 2024 Proposed Projects Budget.

Yesterday, I posted about some of the proposed ongoing changes to Langley City's 2024 budget and 2024-28 Financial Plan. Today, I want to look at our capital projects budget.

Langley City Staff and Council proposes a $26 million capital projects budget for this year.

This year's largest proposed capital project is $11 million to purchase land and design a new RCMP detachment for Langley City. The Township of Langley indicated they want to de-integrate the current joint Langley RCMP detachment. This process will be long and drawn out and requires the provincial government's approval. If approved by the provincial government, which is not a given, this process will likely take a decade. Regardless, Council thought it would be prudent to purchase the land today. We know the cost of land only goes up in value. If the City doesn't need the land, we can put it to another use or sell it for market value.

More on public safety, Council proposes to purchase a new fire truck for $3 million.

Council proposes investing $2.9 million in street improvement projects, including repaving streets and upgrading traffic lights throughout the community.

Council also proposes investing $2.7 million in water system renewal projects and $2.5 million in sewer and storm sewer renewal projects. These investments aren't glitzy stuff, but they are very important. It speaks to Council's desire to invest in the basics.

Council is proposing to invest $1.3 million into parks, including $1 million to replace the pedestrian bridge in the floodplain near 206A Street and $250,000 to create an urban park at the site of the old Langley Hotel in our downtown area.

Finally, Council is proposing to invest $660,000 into recreation and cultural projects to ensure they remain in a good state of repair.

Langley City's capital projects budget isn't flashy but speaks to Council's commitment to investing in public safety and basics.

The high-level breakdown is:

Capital Projects   Categories Investment (Millions)
Public Safety 14.4
Streets 2.9
Water 2.7
Sewer and Storm Sewer 2.6
Parks 1.4
Other Services 1.0
Recreation and Culture 0.6
Total 25.6


S. Ploss said...

Just curious if the Grant form the Provincial Governments infrastructure fund from last year is included in the budget for City Works Projects this year? I am also curious if the City is planning on borrowing the money at tax payers expense to purchase the land for the New RCMP detachment? Mr. Pachal. I know you were left with a bare cupboard when you became Mayor and I applaud your desire to make the City a better place for all. But the City can't keep piling on increases in taxes and utilities to it's residents. It doesn't matter that we have a lower average tax burden then most as we have the casino revenues. But your residents aren't seeing their salaries increase at your rate of tax increases. If I am counting correctly. My property taxes have gone up over 25% in the last 3 years. I can tell you that my salary and household income has not. I own a home on paper that is assessed at 1.3 Million dollars. What can I do with it? The cost of borrowing money makes it impossible to move and use the revenue to fund my retirement or even add a secondary suite to my home to offset the cost of living increases that keep on coming. Please keep in mind that your and council aren't spending your money. You are spending ours.

Nathan Pachal said...

This was included in last year’s budget. You can learn more about that at:

I’m actually doing to do a post about the % increase of property taxes over the latest 20 years. Stay tuned.