Tuesday, December 12, 2023

King Taps Restaurant Flagship v2 Design Approved

In October of last year, Langley City Council approved issuing a development permit to allow the construction of a King Taps restaurant on the northwest corner of 200th Street and the Langley Bypass.

Building rendering from the parking lot. Select the image to enlarge.

Over the summer, the owners of King Taps demolished the former restaurant at that site, but they did not start construction on the new building as they were updating their design for their flagship location.

Langley City Council reviewed the new design at last night's meeting. Langley City's Advisory Design Panel provided thirteen recommendations on the design of the updated building. The applicant incorporated most recommendations, including enhancing accessibility and access throughout the site, improving bike parking safety, and updating the landscaping and design.

King Taps landscaping plan. Select the plan to enlarge.

This current design iteration significantly departs from the previous design.

Building view from 200th Street. Select the image to enlarge.

Building view from the Langley Bypass. Select the image to enlarge.

This building is in an auto-oriented strip mall area today, but in the next decade, it will be a mixed-use, transit-oriented area with more people walking, cycling, and taking transit to the mall area. This building tries to address this transition by engaging with the public realm along 200th Street. Their updated design includes a walk-up and pickup window on the 200th Street frontage.

Council approved issuing the development permit, and I look forward to construction starting soon.

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