Tuesday, December 13, 2022

December 12 Council Notes: Proposed rezoning for 6-storey, 84-unit apartment development on 200th at 53rd

Yesterday, Langley City Council gave third reading to a rezoning bylaw which would enable the construction of a 6-storey, 84-unit apartment development on the northeast corner of 200th Street and 53rd Avenue.

Proposed apartment at 5302 200 Street, 20030 53A Avenue, & 20011-20031 53 Avenue. View from 200th. Select image to enlarge.

Proposed apartment at 5302 200 Street, 20030 53A Avenue, & 20011-20031 53 Avenue. View from 53rd. Select image to enlarge.

Proposed apartment at 5302 200 Street, 20030 53A Avenue, & 20011-20031 53 Avenue. Bird’s-eye view. Select image to enlarge.

I previously posted about the public hearing for this rezoning.

Langley City’s Advisory Design Panel, which Council appoints and consists of architects, landscape architects, an accessibility representative and members of the public, made the following recommendations.

  • Update the north and west elevations to create a more cohesive façade with additional visual interest on the northwest façade
  • Enhance balcony weather protection
  • Provide more opaque balcony separation screens for additional privacy
  • Improve the accessibility of the outdoor area to the north by replacing stairs with a ramp
  • Move the accessible parking spaces closer to the elevator lobby
  • Consider the comparative benefit of the green roof to solar panels (including pre-wiring) and other heat gain mitigation measures, and review the green roof for financial, operational, and maintenance feasibility of the strata council
  • Consider providing venting/ducting to facilitate portable air conditioner installation by residents
  • Review enhancing sound attenuation concerning street noise as well as between units with living room/bedroom interfaces and overhead decks

The project’s applicant accepted the recommendations of the Advisory Design Panel.

As this was the first project with a significant green roof proposed in Langley City, the panel had a lot of concerns about ongoing maintenance. The applicant noted that they use drought-tolerant plants and included hose bibbs to allow manual watering for prolonged heat waves. The applicant pointed out that the green roof also uses replaceable planting “modules.”

The applicant will also add air conditioners to all units due to the increased summer heat caused by climate change.

City staff confirmed that the sidewalks along the property line of the proposed deployment along 200th Street would remain open, and all crosswalks at 200th Street and 53rd Avenue would remain open.

As there is a school across the street from the proposed project, Council asked for additional flaggers to direct traffic during drop-off and pick-up times at the school.

Council also discussed the importance of having three-bedroom units near schools. This project will have five three-bedroom units, 34 two-bedroom units, 36 one-bedroom + flex units, eight one-bedroom units, and one studio.


Anonymous said...

Are there any plans for some sort of traffic signal or roundabout at 53ave and 201A st? With all of the new apartments comes traffic, and even now it's not the easiest intersection to cross at times.

Nathan Pachal said...

The City is currently doing a new transportation plan, so things may change, but at the moment, there isn't a plan to put a traffic signal at that intersection.