Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Development Matters Addressed at Monday Night’s Council Meeting

Langley City Council gave final reading to rezoning bylaws and approved issuing development permits for the following projects at its Monday afternoon meeting:

A 13-unit townhouse development at 5324, 5326, 5334 and 5336 198 Street

13-unit townhouse development on the corner of 198th Street adn 53rd Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

A 30-unit townhouse development at 5364-5380 198 Street & 19824 54 Avenue

A 30-unit townhouse development between 53rd Avenue and 54th Avenue on 198th Street. Select image to enlarge.

You can read more about these projects by following the links.

Council also held a public hearing on Monday night for a proposed 6-storey, 84-unit apartment at 5302 200 Street, 20030 53A Avenue, & 20011-20031 53 Avenue. I’ll post more about this project when Council considers the third reading of the rezoning bylaw to accommodate this proposed apartment at an upcoming council meeting.

Proposed apartment on the northeast corner of 53rd Avenue and 200th Street. Select image to enlarge.

No one attended the public hearing in person, but Council did receive two emails. One person commented that they’d rather see townhouses than apartments built in the area. Another person was concerned that the properties just north of the proposed apartment project would be left in an undevelopable state, what is often called “orphan lots.” A small house on Douglas Crescent between two commercial buildings in Downtown Langley is a perfect example of an orphan lot. City staff commented that the properties the person was concerned about could accommodate another apartment building and will not be orphaned.


Anonymous said...

Ty for the update. What is happening with the small house shown on 56th Ave?
Also is there a future plan for businesses on the One Way to go up in height?

Nathan Pachal said...

There are no plans at the moment for the small house. The max heigh directly on the one way is 4 storeys though they can go higher on Douglas/204th/56th Avenue

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I love orphan lots. Didn't know they were so undesirable by the xperts.....🤣🤣🤣