Wednesday, October 26, 2022

October 24 Council Notes: Budget Changes, Tax Exemptions, UBCM Grants

As I posted in September, Langley City Council amends its capital budget several times per year to account for revenue sources or project changes. The City might receive a grant for a project, or a project’s scope could change, for example. Council gave three readings to the most recent change to the capital budget at the September 19th meeting. Council provided an opportunity for people to give feedback on the proposed budget changes, either through email, mail or by appearing in person (via Zoom) at last Monday’s Council meeting. Council did not receive feedback, so Council gave final reading to the budget changes, approving them. You can learn more about the changes in a previous post.

Council also gave final reading to grant tax exemptions to certain charitable and non-profit organizations in our community. You can learn more about who received the tax exemption in a previous post.

At its September 19th meeting, Council approved City staff applying for a $24,600 grant administered by the Union of BC Municipalities to help with asset management. There was a mistake in the grant name, so Council approved a housekeeping motion directing staff to change from applying for the “UBCM Local Government Development Approvals Program” grant to the “UBCM 2022 Asset Management Planning Program”.

Council also approved staff applying to the “UBCM Community Preparedness Fund Volunteer & Composite Fire Departments Equipment & Training” grant for $25,356. If the City is successful in receiving the grant, the City will purchase new live fire training equipment and deliver two training programs each to 10 career and paid-on-call firefighters.

At the end of Monday’s Council meeting, each member of Council thanked those who served over the last four years who were not reelected.


Lin Maxwell said...

Thank you for the update.

Lin Maxwell said...

Thanks for the update.