Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September 19 Council Notes: New Funding and Changes to 2022 Capital Works Projects

Langley City Council sets the budget at the beginning of the year, including the capital works plan for municipal projects in the City. Sometimes the City will need to adjust project funding for various reasons, including changes in project scope or priority. Other times, the City receives funding from TransLink, the province, or the federal government for a particular project, which Council must formally incorporate into the budget and capital plan.

On Monday, September 19th, Council gave first, second and third reading to amend the 2022 capital works plan, called the “2022 - 2026 Capital Improvement Plan” as follows.

Downtown Cycling Enhancements: TransLink provided $350,000 to connect the bike lanes on 203rd Street with the bike lanes on Glover Road via Douglas Crescent and 204th Street.

Cycling Improvements - Fraser Hwy East of 208 St & Michaud Greenway: TransLink provided $283,500 to move the roadside barrier between 208th Street and Derek Doubleday Arboretum along Fraser Highway to make the existing bike lanes into protected bike lanes. The City will also use the funding to pave the trail between 200th Street and Brydon Lagoon at Michaud Crescent. The City will top off this funding with $94,500 of developer-funded contributions.

Facilities Condition Assessment: The City received an additional $15,000 from UBCM to fund this project.

Asset Management Implementation: The City has applied for $24,600 from UBCM. If the City gets the funding, it will top it up with $29,200 from Casino revenue. Learn more about this project in a previous post.

Contingency for Future Land Acquisition: Transfers $1 million from the City’s Prosperity Fund.

Fire Utility Truck Replacement: Top up this project by $50,000 as the vehicle cost is now $110,000, funded from reserves.

2022 Equipment Purchase: Top up the budget to purchase two new one-ton dump trucks by $80,000 due to increased vehicle cost, funded from reserves.

Parks, Recreation & Culture Plan: An additional $10,000 from Casino revenue to help fund the plan.

Park Ave, 204 St to Douglas Crescent: An additional $125,000 for water pipe replacement funded from Casino revenue.

Fraser Highway, 204 St to 206 St Design: An additional $50,000 to complete the design work for reconstruction, funded from Casino revenue.

Sendall Gardens House: $10,000 to repair kitchen and bathroom, funded from Casino revenue.

Al Anderson Memorial Pool Tile Pool Edge: $15,200 to retile the pool edge, funded by Casino revenue.

Council Chambers Technology Update: $80,000 to update the chamber to support in-person/hybrid meetings, funded from Casino revenue.

McBurney Plaza Wood Deck Replacement: $300,000 to replace the wood decking in McBurney Plaza with a more durable and slip-resistant product, funded from Casino revenue.


Anonymous said...

While they change the decking could they please build higher level seating Seniors cannot get up - or build a few more background benches for seniors. Is the City blind to how many seniors are in this area. A Water fountain should also be incorporated into the middle of the park with benches to sit and relax

Nathan Pachal said...

That is a good comment. I will pass this on to City staff.