Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tree Protection During the Redevelopment Process

Trees in urban areas provide important services for our residents. They help capture and filter rainwater, moderate the urban heat island effect, and improve human health outcomes. These are some of the reasons why Langley City is working on an urban forest management plan. Regionally, the goal is to increase the total tree canopy in urban areas from 32% to 40% by 2050.

Langley City Council also passed a motion in June asking for an urban forest management plan that includes policy measures to retain as much of the existing tree canopy as practically possible during redevelopment. Currently, there are no policies in place.

I was recently in Toronto for work and walked through a central urban residential neighbourhood. While it may seem that Toronto and Langley City are worlds apart, they are similar because all development is redevelopment in both municipalities. There are no farm fields or woodlots to clear for urban development.

I noticed in Toronto that they protect trees during the redevelopment process. The following picture shows an example of the tree protection policy in action during redevelopment.

Tree protection in place during the redevelopment of property in Toronto. Select image to enlarge.

Toronto also has an extensive framework for tree protection, including policies to ensure trees are not damaged throughout construction during redevelopment. Toronto also has an urban forest management plan.

Toronto’s tree protection policies and bylaws don’t prescribe that every tree on a lot be preserved, but they ensure trees are kept during redevelopment when possible.

While not a policy now, Langley City worked with a developer to protect some trees during the redevelopment of the property at the northwest corner of 200th Street and 56th Avenue. I’m hopeful that, once completed and adopted, Langley City’s new urban forest management plan will make this the norm and not the exception.

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Anonymous said...

Tree protection is a joke. Come watch the OCP as it unfolds in the Brookswoo, Fernridge, and Rinn areas of the Township...... That will have an effect on everybody..... And the traffic in and thru Langley City...... Well, get ready for gridlock..... 🤔😱