Wednesday, August 3, 2022

SkyTrain to Langley – Province, TransLink, and municipalities agree to work together for affordable housing, among other things

Surrey Central SkyTrain Station

The SkyTrain extension from King George to Langley City is a $4 billion project. To maximize the value of building this extension, the Province, TransLink, Surrey, Langley City, and the Township of Langley have signed non-binding Supportive Policies Agreements and a non-binding Overarching Supportive Policies Agreement.

While these agreements are non-binding, they lay out the expectations of the province, municipalities and TransLink that are mutually beneficial, and help coordinate land use, affordable housing, and transportation funding. All parties will be monitoring these agreements well beyond the opening date of the SkyTrain extension.

Overall, everyone agrees the high-level objectives of the project are to:

  • Provide users with a positive experience
  • Facilitate increased share of sustainable modes of transport
  • Support active transportation
  • Support increased density in the adjacent communities
  • Support affordable housing
  • Support a healthy environment
  • Enhance regional goods movement, commerce and job opportunities
  • Deliver community benefits
  • Provide a service that is good value for money
  • Provide infrastructure that meets the needs of the community

One of the agreements’ more specific outcomes is coordinating land use around the 196th Street Station. Two sides of the 196th Street intersection are in Surrey, one in the Township of Langley, and another in Langley City.

Another specific outcome is to build higher-density, mixed-use (office, retail, residential) projects around SkyTrain stations. A significant outcome is to increase the ease of walking and cycling access to SkyTrain stations.

The final significant area of focus in the agreements is to build more affordable housing around SkyTrain stations, including provincially funded affordable housing through BC Housing.

You can read the Supportive Policies Agreement and Overarching Supportive Policies Agreement on Langley City’s website.

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