Thursday, August 4, 2022

TransLink invests $973,258 to improve walking and cycling access in Langley City

Yesterday, TransLink announced new funding to improve walking and cycling access in Langley City.

The 203rd Street bike lane end near Michaud Crescent, dumping people into traffic. Select image to enlarge.

The 203rd Street and Glover Road cycling lanes end abruptly in Downtown Langley, dumping people into traffic. TransLink is investing $350,000 to connect the gap between these two protected and safer cycling lanes. Protect, safer cycling lanes will continue along 203rd Street to Douglas Crescent, along Douglas Crescent from 203rd Street to 204th Street, and on 204th St from Douglas Crescent, connecting to the Glover Road cycling lanes. When completed, there will be a continuous north/south cycling corridor through the community.

TransLink will invest $283,500 to widen and pave the gravel trail between 200th Street at Michaud Crescent to 53rd Avenue along the BC Hydro Right of Way. The trail will be 5 meters wide.

Proposed Fraser Highway One-Way design. Angled parking on north side, parallel parking on south side, with continuous street tree corridor. Select image to enlarge.

In 2018-19, Langley City, in consultation with the business community and residents, proposed a new design concept to renew the Fraser Highway One-Way and Douglas Crescent, between 204th Street and 206th Street. Currently, Council has budgeted $8.5 million for this project to start in 2023. TransLink is funding $339,758 of this project to support the new proposed wider sidewalks along the Fraser Highway One-Way.

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Anonymous said...

Who wants to walk or cycle if you might get robbed. (Check crime stats for Langley city).