Thursday, June 23, 2022

Langley City Wants Your Feedback on Our Transportation Future

Traffic Light

Langley City is significantly updating its Master Transportation Plan. The new plan will be called Transportation 2045.

With SkyTrain coming, more people moving to our community, and no room to expand roads, we need new approaches to giving people easy, convenient and safe access to work, shops, schools, friends, and fun.

If you walk, roll, bike, take transit, or drive through Langley City, the City wants to hear from you.

Last fall, the City received public feedback to understand how people get around in our community and people’s top concerns. You can read the full feedback report for more information.

Based on what the City’s project team heard, they worked on developing a set of goals, strategies, and projects for Transportation 2045. The City now wants your feedback on them.

You can view the draft vision, then complete a 15-minute survey. You must complete the survey before July 1st.

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