Thursday, June 9, 2022

Crime Prevention at Your Finger Tips Sheet!

Over its existence, Langley City’s Crime Prevention Committee has created and complied one-pager tip sheets that you can use to help prevent crime. The Committee distributed these tip sheets, but they were never posted online until now.

You can now download helpful tip sheets on the following topics:

  • Detering and preventing crime around your home
  • Reporting all crime, suspicious activity or individuals
  • Reducing mail theft
  • Preventing door-to-door scams
  • Identifying phone fraud
  • Reducing theft of your vehicle or from your vehicle
  • Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design for stratas and property managers
Example of mail theft reduction tip sheet.

Please visit the City’s Crime Prevention page for all this and more, including information on our Know Your Neighbour campaign and Block Watch program.

These tip sheets are great to share with your neighbours, post in your townhouse or apartment, or put on the bulletin board of your workplace.

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