Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Langley City Accepts New Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy

Metro Vancouver Park Sign

Langley City is part of the Metro Vancouver Regional District. The District’s members include Tsawwassen First Nation, 21 municipalities, and several unincorporated areas, including around UBC.

The Metro Vancouver Regional District allows for the coordination and delivery of services more effectively than if each municipality did things on their own. Beyond services, the Regional District is also responsible for regional planning. The following video explains a bit more about regional planning.

Regional Services 2019 - Regional Planning from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

The Regional District has updated the regional plan called Metro 2050. The broad goals of the plan are to: create a compact urban area, support a sustainable economy, protect the environment, address climate change, respond to natural hazards, provide diverse and affordable housing choices, and support sustainable transportation choices.

For the updated regional plan to become enforceable, Tsawwassen First Nation and the 21 municipalities in Metro Vancouver must accept the plan. As you can imagine, this can be an effort.

Langley City Council voted to accept the Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy on June 13th.

Because Langley City just adopted a new Official Community Plan, the City worked with Metro Vancouver staff to ensure that it would be consistent with the new regional growth strategy.

If and when all Metro Vancouver Regional District members adopt Metro 2050, each member must prove its Official Community Plan is consistent with the regional plan through regional context statements.

I’m proud that Langley City’s Official Community Plan is mostly consistent with Metro 2050 and that we are already working towards some of the goals, such as ensuring that 15% of newly completed housing units built are affordable.

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