Monday, January 17, 2022

Langley City Protective Services Expenditures One of Highest in Metro Vancouver

Community Policing Office

Protective services are the top category of expenditures for Langley City. Protective services include policing services, fire and rescue services, Langley Youth & Family Services, dog control, emergency planning, search & rescue, and victim/witness services.

How does Langley City compare to other municipalities in Metro Vancouver?

Per capita expenditures in protective services in 2020. Select chart to enlarge.

Langley City has one of the highest per capita expenditures for protective services in Metro Vancouver at $670.26 in 2020, the year where the latest information is available region-wide.

Our neighbours in the Township paid $396.63 per person, and in Surrey, $404.78 per person.

The following table shows the breakdown for all municipalities in Metro Vancouver.

Municipality Population Cost Per Capita
   West Vancouver 43805 $35,276,293.00 $805.30
   Delta 111281 $82,645,612.00 $742.67
   Vancouver 697266 $478,747,000.00 $686.61
   Langley City 27774 $18,615,742.00 $670.26
   Port Moody 35151 $20,472,997.00 $582.43
   White Rock 20922 $11,992,616.00 $573.21
   New Westminster 82590 $46,027,403.00 $557.30
   North Vancouver, District 89767 $49,232,455.00 $548.45
   Richmond 216046 $109,703,763.00 $507.78
   Port Coquitlam 63508 $31,353,478.00 $493.69
   Coquitlam 152734 $71,349,595.00 $467.15
   Burnaby 257926 $120,277,532.00 $466.33
   Pitt Meadows 19717 $8,876,997.00 $450.22
   North Vancouver, City 58985 $26,534,131.00 $449.85
   Maple Ridge 91479 $38,567,159.00 $421.60
   Surrey 598530 $242,273,000.00 $404.78
   Langley, Township 133302 $52,872,000.00 $396.63
   Lions Bay 1357 $456,089.00 $336.10
   Bowen Island 3982 $977,738.00 $245.54
   Belcarra 673 $96,440.00 $143.30
   Anmore 2412 $189,186.00 $78.44

Source: BC Population estimates and BC Municipal general and financial statistics.


Anonymous said...

Will you be providing a breakdown of the costs of each service? How much is spent on overtime each year? Not fair to group all the protective services together, not provide cost breakdowns and say Langley City pays the most when other municipalities have more population to spread the costs. Are you saying we should be looking at reducing protective services to align the City with other places? Where do you and council actually stand on public safety?

Nathan Pachal said...

I'm not suggesting that we cut protective services. I voted in favour of increasing the number of full-time firefighters in Langley City. I am suggesting that we invest a significant amount into protective services. New West, the City of North Vancouver and White Rock are comparable communities.

The 2020 breakdown for Langley City.
Police: $13.0m
Fire/Rescue: $5.2m
Other Protective Services: $0.8m