Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A bold agenda in Langley City for 2022

Brydon Lagoon

2022 is an election year for local governments, but in Langley City, it doesn’t mean that the work of Council or the City will be on pause. In fact, there are several significant policies City staff and Council will be working on this year.

Last year, Council passed Langley City’s new Official Community Plan. This plan will guide growth and significant policies over the coming decades. The Official Community Plan has the following themes:

  • Affordable living & diverse housing for all generations
  • A highly connected city aligned with rapid transit
  • A safe and inclusive city rich with community amenities
  • A responsive economy that creates new jobs
  • Environmental solutions to fight climate change

One of the significant ways to implement the Official Community Plan is through the Zoning Bylaw. Langley City staff, consultants, and Council are working on a new Zoning Bylaw, which may be adopted this year.

Two other critical enabling policies of the new Official Community Plan that staff and consultants are working on are the Parks, Recreations and Culture Master Plan and Master Transportation Plan.

Staff will also develop a Sustainability Framework this year as per Council’s Interm Strategic Plan.

Other critical studies and policies include:

  • A city-wide parking study to better manage on-street parking both in residential and commercial areas
  • A streetscape waste container study to help divert waste from landfill or incineration when placed in a City-owned bin on the street or in parks.
  • An urban forest management plan to help grow the tree canopy in Langley City to combat the heat island effect and mitigate impacts from climate change
  • A below-market rate rental policy to be applied when older purpose-built rental buildings undergo redevelopment to reduce displacement of people in our community

2022 will be a busy year, and I look forward to working on these important policies, plans, and bylaws with staff, the community, and others on Council to help improve people’s quality of life.

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