Monday, November 1, 2021

Have your say in Langley City’s transportation future. Win 100 Downtown Dollars.

Langley City last updated its Master Transportation Plan in 2014. With the completion of the new Official Community Plan, City staff are now creating a new Master Transportation Plan.

Langley City’s Official Community Plan has the following objectives when it comes to transportation:

  • Integrate sidewalks, paths, and trails in all places.
  • Place destinations (shops, services, schools, recreation) in proximity of homes.
  • Provide a journey that is safe and pleasant (whether walking, rolling, cycling, taking transit, or driving.)
  • Encourage cycling and transit for longer distances.
  • Leverage rapid transit investment.

When creating long-term master plans, it is important to get public input. Langley City is asking for your feedback on the new Master Transportation Plan.

The City would like you to participate in a survey which will take around 15 minutes to complete. During the survey, you can provide feedback on your transportation priorities, the impacts COVID-19 has on your travel, and what you would like to see improved regarding walking, rolling, cycling, taking transit, and driving. The survey also has some questions about school access for children.

The City also has an interactive map where you can provide direct input on specific strengths and weaknesses of the transportation system in our community. For example, you can place a dot on the map and write, “missing a crosswalk.”

Strengths and Weaknesses Map.

If you complete the survey, the City will enter you into a draw to win 100 Downtown Dollars, which you can use at over 100 Downtown Langley businesses.

Take Langley City’s Official Survey and Complete the Map

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