Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Council not interested in plastic grass in development projects. Industrial-office and apartment projects received third reading.

On Monday, Langely Council gave third reading for two rezoning bylaws and an Official Community Plan amendment bylaw to enable a 2-building, 59,858 sq. ft industrial-office development at the corner of 56th Avenue and 200th Street as well as a 6-storey, 113-unit apartment building at Michaud Crescent and 200th Street. You can read more about these development proposals in a previous blog post.

Rendering of proposed project at 5370 & 5380 200 Street; 5371 & 5381 200A Street; 20010 & 20020 Michaud Crescent; 20031 53B Avenue.

Rendering of proposed project at 19959, 19971, & 19985 56 Avenue; 5643 & 5647 200 Street.

At the public hearing, residents near the proposed industrial project were concerned about the proposed lane design connecting 199 Street to the proposed project. They were relieved to learn that the City will not be extending the north/south lane through their property at this time. On Monday, staff confirmed that the current east/west lane would be paved and adequately lighted.

One of the major concerns from the Advisory Design Panel, which includes architects and landscape architects, who make recommendations about proposed development projects, is not to use astroturf as a landscaping material for the proposed apartment project. Throughout this process, Council has been clear that it is opposed to astroturf or plastic grass. The proponent of the project has insisted on keeping astroturf in the project. On Monday, the majority of Council stated their opposition to astroturf. I noted that I would not vote in favour of issuing a development permit (which occurs at the same time as fourth and final reading of a rezoning bylaw) if the proponent of the project does not significantly reduce or eliminate the use of astroturf.

Council passed the motion:

THAT staff work to eliminate or significantly minimize the use of synthetic turf surfaces in all in-progress and future development projects.

In the past, Council has heard from the public that they are not interested in seeing astroturf in our community, considering there are other natural alternatives such as xeriscaping.

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