Thursday, September 2, 2021

Three Questions to Ask Candidates this Election

Sewer Infrastructure

One of the reasons I’m passionate about local government is because it directly impacts people’s daily lives. While local government has the most impact on your life (imagine if you didn’t have tap water, flushing toilets, or garbage collection), it directly collects around 10% of total taxation revenue. The federal government collects the majority of total taxation revenue.

As such, local governments rely on the federal government to help fund infrastructure projects that local governments would otherwise not be able to build.

In this federal election, there are three questions that candidates in Cloverdale–Langley City should be able to answer. Their answers will impact Langley City for the next century.

SkyTrain is critical in giving people a transportation choice that saves money and helps fight climate change, provides better access to employment, and supports economic growth for the local business community.

What will you do to ensure that SkyTrain gets built to Langley City in a timely fashion?

80% of Langley City residents want a performing arts centre built in our Downtown. This centre will contribute to positive evening activities in our community and help create a night life in Langley.

What will you do to help secure funding for a performing art centre in Downtown Langley?

Like all municipalities, Langley City has ageing infrastructure which needs replacement over the next few decades. The impacts of climate change also means that the City needs to redesign and rebuild stormwater systems.

What will you do to ensure a stable funding program for local governments to renew ageing water, sewer, and stormwater systems, including providing funding to help adapt to climate change?

When researching who to vote for, consider the federal government’s impact in providing funding to support Langley City’s priorities and infrastructure needs.

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