Tuesday, September 7, 2021

What’s with the grey shack on 203rd Street by the river?

If you’ve walked or cycled along the west side of 203rd Street, on the north side of the Nicomekl River, you may have noticed a grey shack. I was curious about the shack’s purpose.

This weekend, I was checking the weather forecast at the Environment Canada website and noticed a link called Water Level and Flow.

I figured the grey shack might have something to do with water measurement, so I went through the list of measurement stations and confirmed that it is indeed the case. The grey shack’s official name is 08MH155, and it has measured the water flow and level of the Nicomekl River since 1985.

08MH155 Measurement Station. Select image to enlarge.

You can find real-time measurements online as well as historical data.

Water level graph of Nicomekl River at 203rd Street over the last year. Select the graph to enlarge.

There has been a change of about 3.5 metres between when the river is at its highest and lowest over the year.

Measuring the flow and level of the Nicomekl River is important because it can help ensure that flood controls and mitigation measures are adequate.

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