Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Langley City’s July Property Crime Map – Theft from Auto an On-Going Concern

The Langley RCMP has released the latest property crime map for July, which you can see below.

Langley City July 2021 Property Crime Map. Select image to enlarge.

I wanted to highlight a few things. The first is that Langley City’s business areas and 62% of the population live north of the Nickomekl River. You will see the majority of business-related crimes north of the river. The volume of property crime is higher north of the river, as is the population. As a result, the crime rate may be lower than it appears as the rate is crime divided by population.

Regardless, theft from auto is still a significant concern in our community. If you live in the Downtown and Michaud Crescent areas, you should double down on efforts to reduce the likelihood that people will target your vehicle.

Theft from auto is a crime of opportunity. As a result, remember:

  • Lock your doors whenever you leave your vehicle
  • Never leave your wallet, garage door clicker, keys, purse, or anything of value in your vehicle
  • Never leave any items visible that are not bolted down

About 15 or so years ago, someone stole a rental DVD from my car because I left it visible. They ended up smashing the glass to get it, so it cost me $200+.

You can report most types of property crime online at By reporting crime, you can help the whole community as it helps the RCMP put the right resources where they are required.

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