Monday, March 29, 2021

TransLink to reduce printed timetable distribution, shifting focus to online, real-time experience.

Before the COVID-19 state of emergency, TransLink distributed 75,000 physical timetable booklets to 155 locations throughout our region quarterly. TransLink suspended all booklet distribution since the summer of last year. Many distribution locations such as community centres, colleges, universities, and libraries were closed.

While only a small number of people use timetable booklets, TransLink wants to ensure that everyone can access bus schedule information. For example, some people do not have access to cell phones or data plans.

As a result, TransLink will still make PDF timetable booklets available on their website. They will also create a quarterly e-newsletter which will include PDF timetables as well as service change information.

TransLink will be putting up QR codes at select locations, directing people to TransLink’s website for bus schedules.

TransLink will also print 10,000 physical timetable booklets per quarter. People can call TransLink Customer Information to request a timetable by mail. TransLink will also distribute the booklets to a limited number of high-demand locations.

The majority of people use online trip planning tools and apps, but TransLink will still provide a physical or PDF timetable for those who need them.

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