Monday, March 15, 2021

Smoking out issues in the sewer system. Keeping Langley City in a state of good repair.

Langley City continues to upgrade parks, improve safety, and keep our community’s infrastructure in a state of good repair. Langley Council heard an update from the Parks and Operations department at last Monday’s council meeting about various projects recently completed or in-progress.

In time for the warmer weather, City Park will have three new picnic shelters in service, which replace the previous picnic shelter near Al Anderson Memorial Pool.

To proactively repair sanitary and storm sewers, the City will be video inspecting the sewer pipes. Current inspections are focused mainly in the southeastern part of our community, in the Blacklock neighbourhood, along 203rd Street, and in the Brydon neighbourhood area.

Smoke bomb results. Select image to enlarge.

The City recently completed a “smoke bomb” test of sanitary and storm sewers in our community’s northeast section. This test helps find cross-connection issues between the storm sewer and sanitary sewer. These cross-connections cause excess water to enter the sanitary sewer, which puts extra wear and tear on City infrastructure. During heavy rainfall, these cross-connections can lead to raw sewage overflowing into our rivers and the ocean.

City crews resolved various sanitary and storm sewer cross-connection issues—more repairs are on the way.

City crews are also continuing with annual maintenance programs on the water system, including replacing old water meters.

The City recently reinstalled a refurbished bridge across the Nicomekl River at Portage Park. The new bridge now has anti-slip strips. The pedestrian bridge across the river at 208th Street is currently being refurbished off-site.

Plan for rapid flashing beacon crosswalk across 208th at 45A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

I was happy to learn that the City is installing a new rapid flashing beacon crosswalk across 208th Street and 45A Avenue. This crosswalk is a long-standing request from residents in the area.

I learned that the City has a program to replace maintenance holes and sewer and water shut-off covers embedded in streets and sidewalks. If you see a missing, broken, or rusted-out cover, please reach out to the City by using Request for Service at

You can also use Request for Service to report tagging and unwanted graffiti.

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