Monday, October 5, 2020

New Lifeguard app to help prevent overdoses

BC has two health crises. One is caused by COVID-19, the other is caused by toxic street drugs. Throughout 2020, the number of people unintendedly overdosing due to toxic drugs has been steadily increasing.

Illegal Drug Overdose Events, Previous 12 Months. Source: BC CDC.

Younger men who use at home are the mostly likely to die from an unintendedly overdose. Because of the COVID-19 paramedic, more people are using along. This increases the risk of dying due to an unintended overdose.

The provincial government recently launched a new app for iPhone and Android devices call “Lifeguard App” in partnership with Lifeguard Digital Health.

The app is simple to use. If you are about to use, you activate the app. After 50 seconds, an alarm will sound. If you don’t press the stop button, the alarm will grow louder. After 75 seconds, a text-to-voice call is placed to 911.

The following video shows a demo of the app.

If you are using along, please consider this app. Even if you do not use alone, please let others know about the “Lifeguard App.” You could help save a life.

Download from Apple App Store

Download from Google Play

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