Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A look at the new Brydon Park dog off-leash area and perimeter trail

The first phase of upgrades to Brydon Park is now open to the public. This weekend, I walked the new perimeter trail and took some pictures.

Perimeter Trail. Select image to enlarge.

One of the things I noticed is that the parking lot and new trails are gravel. This is to help with stormwater management. Instead of stormwater and pollutants running off asphalt directly into storm sewers which drain directly into rivers and creeks, water can filter through the ground. This reduces pollutants getting into the ecosystem. Gravel and other pervious surfaces also help reduce the flow of water into rivers and creeks which reduces erosion to watercourses.

Gravel parking lot. Select image to enlarge.

Another environmental feature in the newly opened section of Brydon Park is a bioswale which like pervious surfaces, helps to collect and remove pollutants, silt, and debris from stormwater.

Bioswale and dog-off leash area. Select image to enlarge.

One of the new things in recently renovated parks in the City is water fountains. This water fountain is located at the entrance to the new dog off-leash area.

Water fountain. Select image to enlarge.

The are also new water fountains at City Park, Nicholas Park, and Penzer Park.

The material in the dog off-leash area is a special engineered wood product. It is designed to reduce splinters. This material is also used in playgrounds and other dog off-leash areas in the City.

Entrance to dog off-leash area. Select image to enlarge.

The next phase of enhancements to Brydon Park is schedule to start in 2023 and will include:

  • Water play area
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Group picnic area with picnic shelters
  • Community table
  • New washroom building
  • Outdoor fitness equipment area

Future phases will include:

  • Youth activity and social area
  • Enhanced sports court
  • Enhanced play area for children with social area for parents

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