Tuesday, May 12, 2020

May 11 Council Meeting: 4-Storey, 92-Unit Rental Apartment between 200 and 200A Street

Yesterday afternoon, Langley City council met on Zoom. While currently people cannot view these meetings in real-time, they can view the video shortly after on the City’s YouTube channel.

One of the items on the agenda was a rezoning bylaw and development permit to accommodate a 4-storey, 92-unit rental apartment that fronts 200 Street and 200A Street, just north of 53 Avenue.

Rendering of proposed development project from 200A Street. 5321, 5331, 5341, 5361 200A Street. Select image to enlarge.

Rendering of proposed development project from 200 Street. 5326, 5334, 5340, 5360 200 Street. Select image to enlarge.

This proposed apartment is going through a new process.

Council approved the creation of an Advisory Design Panel which includes members from the community, architects, landscape architects, and an accessibility representative. This panel met for the first time to review this proposed development project. I attended this first Advisory Design Panel.

The mix of people on the panel allowed for a discussion about how the building’s proposed design and character would fit within our community from an on-the-ground perspective. Because there were architects and landscape architects, the panel’s recommendations were able to be articulated in a way that the development project’s proponents would understand.

The Advisory Design Panel made the following recommendations:

  • Upgrade the entry area (stairs and ramp) on 200A Street
  • Consider massing of corner elements to add a more robust look
  • Consider more colour on the fa├žade
  • Widen corridor between courtyard and lobby, and add additional bathroom to amenity space
  • Review turn radius in parkade

These recommendations were considered by the project’s proponent, and changes made to the design of the building. For more information, please read the Explanatory Memo of the Advisory Design Panel.

One of the requirements for this project is to dedicate land and contribute money to build a new multi-use path for walking and cycling along its 200 Street frontage.

In another first since I have been on council, there will be no public hearing for this proposed development project.

Due to physical distancing requirements, in-person public hearings cannot occur. City staff are currently working on a solution to enable people to attend virtual public hearings, but this is not yet ready.

Because this proposed project is consistent with our current Official Community Plan and zoning in the area, staff recommended that the public hearing be waived for this proposed development project.

People in the area will still be notified about this proposed development project.

During the meeting, Councillor Storteboom and myself noted that being transparent and giving people the opportunity to provide input on redevelopment is important. I noted that while I was supportive of this request to waive the public hearing for this particular development proposal, I urged staff to work to ensure that people will be able to provide feedback for future development proposals.

Council approved waiving the public hearing for this development proposal. Council also gave first and second reading to the rezoning bylaw.

Tomorrow, I will continue posting about Monday’s council meeting.


Anonymous said...

Why does it look like there are bright orange tires in front of this development (in front of concrete podium)? I have been a proponentof hiding the concrete in front of new developments in the City, but brick or plants/shrubs can do the trick - if chosen properly. I sure hope the design panel addressed that eyesore. Perhaps in reality that wont look so bizarre.

Nathan Pachal said...

The orange is actually plants. I know it is hard to see on the rendering.