Thursday, May 21, 2020

Discovering Logan Creek in northeastern Langley City

Langley City has an extensive trail and parks network, but there are some gaps in our community.

Map of parkland in Langley City. Select map to enlarge.

North of 56th Avenue, the trail and parks network is limited though there are some areas to connect with nature.

Logan Creek runs through the northeastern section of Langley City. It starts near Langley Twin Rinks and follows Duncan Way.

I found an older trail network master plan from 2005 which envisions a trail loop around this area.

2005 Nature Trail Network Master Plan for Langley City. Select map to enlarge.

While this trail loop was never created, there are still opportunities to enjoy nature around Logan Creek.

In the south section of the Kwantlen Polytechnic campus, just north of the Gateway of Hope, there is a small nature trail and lookout for Logan Creek.

Between the intersection of 208th Avenue and 57th Street, you can walk through Dumais Park to Duncan Way. The City recently completed a multi-use path between Glover Road and the 204th Street Overpass on Duncan Way. There are areas along this path where you can look into the Logan Creek natural area.

Logan Creek along Duncan Way multi-use path. Select map to enlarge.

While not as extensive as the trail network and natural areas that connect to the Nicomekl River, there are some opportunities to enjoy nature in the northern sections of Langley City.

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