Thursday, April 9, 2020

March Langley City Property Crime Map

Even with the COVID-19 state of emergency in BC, people are still committing crimes.

The Langley RCMP has released its March property crime map for Langley City.

March 2020 property crime map for Langley City. Select map to view.

With more people staying at home, residential break and enters have decreased in Langley City.

Theft from auto is still a concern in our community. To reduce your chance of being a target, remove everything from your vehicle. This includes garage door openers. If it’s not bolted down, someone will try to steal it.

If you see suspicious activity, call the RCMP non-emergency line at (604) 532-3200. From personal experience, I know that reporting suspicious activity helps create a safer neighbourhood.

Because the population density is higher north of the Nicomekl River, there will be more activity both positive and negative, compared to south of the Nicomekl River.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the Task Force that you chair is prepping for a surge of crime activity when street peoples' CERB cheques have stopped?

Nathan Pachal said...

We are working on a crime prevention education program for the fall. There is likely a link between CERB, people working at home, and property crime.

According to the RCMP it is a handful of known individuals, and not a blanket of people who are homeless that are responsible for the majority of property crime in Langley.