Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coronavirus - COVID-19: Langley City Prepares. What You Can Do to Slow Down the Spread.

Last night, Langley City council received an update from Ginger Sherlock, who is the program coordinator for the jointly funded Langley City and Township Emergency Program, about COVID-19.

A presentation about COVID-19. Select image to enlarge.

One of the major concerns around COVID-19 is how it could spread. If too many people get sick all at once, it could mean that a significant number of Langley City employees could be at home sick. This means that there would be a limited number of people available who can provide municipal services.

In Langley City, we directly provide:

  • The Fire-Rescue Service
  • Water Service
  • Sewer Service

If any of these services were interrupted, it would have a significant impact in our community.

To that end, Langley City is verifying its business continuity plan. This plan will be activated if a significant number of City employees are unable to come into work due to COVID-19 to make sure that the City will still be able to deliver critical services.

The public health response is fully a provincial responsibility, but the City would make our public facilities available if required by Fraser Health or another provincial government organization.

As I noted earlier, one of the concerns around COVID-19 is that a whole lot of people could get sick all at once. Not only could this impact some City services, but it could put a strain on our health care system.

So, what can you do to help slow down the spread of COVID-19? This is what Fraser Health states:

Follow the same procedures as what is recommended during cold and flu season. This includes washing your hands often with soap and water; covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing; avoiding others who are unwell; and staying home when you are sick.

For more information, you can also call the Public Health Agency of Canada at 1-833-784-4397.

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