Wednesday, March 11, 2020

City projects: Brydon parks being enhanced, fixing potholes and uneven sidewalks, and upgrading public washrooms.

Even during the winter months, there are municipally-funded projects occurring throughout Langley City which help enhance the quality of life for residents of our community.

Langley City council received an update about these projects from Rick Bomhof who is the Director of Engineering, Parks and Environment at Monday night’s council meeting.

With the recent increase in people living along Brydon Crescent and 198th Street, Langley City council approved a new plan to enhance Brydon Park as it is the major neighbourhood park in the area.

Construction is now underway for a new dog off-leash area and perimeter trail in the western section of this park.

In Brydon Lagoon, logs were placed in the water to provide a roosting area for birds, allowing them to escape from people who use the surrounding trail.

In the same part of town, City crews are installing new underground utility services to support redevelopment. These new services are paid for by developers.

To increase safety and reduce negative activity, a new flood light was installed at the Linwood Park washrooms. The City will also be making some modification to the washrooms which should hopefully reduce vandalized inside them.

The new washrooms at Nicholas Park are completed.

Landscaping and new washrooms at Nicholas Park. Select image to enlarge. 

As you might have noticed, the City is replacing our streetlight with LED streetlights. Some of the wiring for these streetlights date back to the mid-20th century. City crews are upgrading some of this old electrical infrastructure.

Street light control panel, before and after upgrade. Select image to enlarge. 

There has been an increase in potholes recently. This is caused when it rains in the winter. The water gets absorbed into the asphalt, and it freezes, the frozen water weakens the asphalt which leads to potholes. If you see a pothole, please let the City know by using the online Request for Service tool.

Due to the same freezing and thawing cycling, sidewalks can also become uneven. City crews are busy repairing sidewalks. If you see an uneven section of sidewalk which could create a tripping hazard, please also let the City know by using the online Request for Service tool.

The City is replacing a section of retaining wall near the Nicomekl River, east of 203rd Street.

Retaining wall replacement. Select image to enlarge. 

On a sad note, the tree in the Sendall Gardens greenhouse had to be removed as it was damaging the greenhouse. New planting will be put in its place.

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