Monday, November 4, 2019

Survey shows where people want new or improved crosswalks in Langley City

One of the common requests that I hear from residents in Langley City is for improved crosswalks. As there are many requests, and with both time and funding limitations, I wanted to see if there were any crosswalk request hot spots.

To help facilitate this, I created a simple survey website to allow people to select one location where they wanted to see a new or enhanced crosswalk built. Based on the results received, a heat map was created to help find locations where many people wanted to see a new or enhanced crosswalk.

There were over 180 results received from Langley City residents during the first week of September, and during this last weekend, from the survey. Survey participants were from all neighbourhoods in Langley City.

Based on the results that were received, several locations for building a new or enhanced crosswalk surfaced to the top based on the following heat map:

Heat map of locations where survey participants wanted to see new or enhanced crosswalks built. Select map to enlarge.

First Tier Locations Include:

45A Avenue @ 208 Street
51 Avenue @ 208 Street
Michaud Crescent @ 201A Street
Brydon Lagoon Trail @ 53 Avenue
48 Avenue @ 200 Street
Al Anderson Pool Entrance off 205A Street

Second Tier Locations Include:

47 Avenue @ 208 Street
48 Avenue @ 205 Street
Blacklock School @ 206 Street
Douglas Crescent @ 206 Street
Grade Crescent @ 201A Street

While not on the previous map, it was interesting to see that people also selected areas in the Langley Bypass area for crosswalks such as 62 Avenue @ 201A Street.

I want to thank everyone who took part in this survey. The results help to inform me where people want to see improvements made to crosswalks.

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