Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A photo tour of the new Langley Secondary School

Langley City council was invited by the Langley School District trustees and staff to tour the new Langley Secondary School (LSS). LSS is the primary high school for Langley City students.

My first observation of the new school was that it felt like many modern spaces for knowledge-based work such as at software companies or workshops. This design was deliberate, as it is meant to foster a collaborative learning environment which is how work is done today.

The following pictures are from the tour. You can select any picture to enlarge it.

Langley City council and school district trustees and staff. On the second floor of LSS.

Glass and flexible spaces are key design elements of the new LSS. 

Inside a classroom at LSS.

The library area at LSS, looking from the 2nd floor.

Langley City council, Langley school district trustees and staff. Looking at common area.

Trustee David Tod showing off the new all-genders washrooms.

Makerspace at LSS.

Classrooms in the school can be opened up into the hallway which provide opportunities for collaborative learning space.  

Some posters on the wall at LSS.

LSS is designed for around 800 students, and has programs to support learning no matter where students are at. When we were touring the school last night around 6pm, I noticed that there was still lots of activity occurring. There are many after-school programs, and for some students it helps them escape a difficult home-life. One of the important programs is the foods program as it is critically important to teach food skills. It was also noted during the tour that many students enrol in the program to be able to eat a meal due to poverty experienced at home.

The new LSS struck me as a positive learning environment, and it is great that we have a modern high school for Langley City students.

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