Monday, September 24, 2018

Fraser Highway One-Way Designs Revealed. Your Feedback Requested.

As I posted about last week, the Fraser Highway One-Way is undergoing a significant renewal program. Because this section of street is in the heart of our downtown, extra attention is being paid to the public realm. Last weekend, and this Tuesday, there are open houses to gather feedback on people’s thoughts about two proposed options for Fraser Highway. You can also provide your feedback online until October 4th.

With public consultation in full-swing, information has been posted about the two proposed options for Fraser Highway between 204th Street and 206th Street.

Option 1: Angled parking on both sides with larger clusters of trees at key locations. Select image to enlarge.

Option 2: Angled parking on north side, parallel parking on south side, with continuous street tree corridor. Select image to enlarge.

The following table outlines the main differences between the two options.

 Option 1 Option 2
Traffic One-way with angle parking on both sides of street One-way from 204th Street. Two-way between 206th and east public parking lot. Angle parking on north side with parallel parking on south side.
Pedestrian Crossings Three crossings Four crossings
Sidewalk Width 2.7 meters wide sidewalks (similar to today) 4 meter sidewalks
Street Trees Cluster of large trees in key locations with ground level landscaping Linear corridor of columnar trees
Seating Areas Cluster of benches and public seating at key locations with limited opportunity for private patios Wider sidewalk areas allowing for benches and seating with more opportunity for small private patio spaces and goods display adjacent to building frontages

One thing to note is that both options have a similar number of parking spots. For more information on parking in Downtown Langley, please check out the July 10 council meeting notes.

I’m excited to see what people in our community will pick for the Fraser Highway One-Way renewal option. Pending budget approval, construction is slated to begin next year.

You can find our more information on the project at Langley City’s website. Please be sure to complete the online survey.


Anonymous said...

Option two sounds most attractive and practical.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if the costs are similar for both options?

Nathan Pachal said...

We haven’t been provided the detailed cost though the project team is aware of our overall budget.

Grace said...

Did this never end up happening?

Nathan Pachal said...

This is now planned for a future year.