Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fraser Highway B-Line: Street redesigns will make buses faster and more reliable

In 2019, B-Line bus service will be running along Fraser Highway between Surrey Central and Downtown Langley. The B-Line service along Fraser Highway will have the following benefits:

Fast and Reliable

  • Stops spaced about 1 kilometre apart (compared to around 200 metres apart for current bus service)
  • High-capacity articulated buses
  • All-door boarding
  • Street redesign to make buses faster


  • Every 10 minutes or better during peak periods
  • Every 15 minutes of better other times of the day

Available all day

  • Run from at least 6am to midnight, 7-days a week

Easy to find

  • Buses and stops have a different look
  • Stops have next bus digital signage
  • Route information inside of buses

One of the keys to ensuring that the Fraser Highway B-Line is fast and reliable will be to redesign some elements of that street. This can include things such as bus lanes, queue jumper lanes, signal prioritization, turn restrictions, and curb extensions at bus stops. TransLink will have funding to implement some of these measures, but will need the support of municipalities to support these changes.

A bus priority lane along King George Boulevard. Source:

TransLink information provided in the agenda for the upcoming Mayors’ Council meeting states that “we can get better B-Lines —and better ridership growth potential— if municipal partners are willing to cost share and/or make bold changes” to roads. This will result in faster and more reliable bus service that will require fewer buses which means “buses freed up can be reinvested for even higher frequent” service on B-Line routes.

One of the things to keep in mind is that even a half-full B-Line bus is the equivalent of 20 passenger vehicles. One bus clears up a lot of road space. The following video illustrates the point.

As a regular transit rider along Fraser Highway, I am looking forward to B-Line service. I will be supportive of municipal measures to help ensure that this service is fast and reliable.


Anonymous said...

Translink has a plan for a new Downtown Langley bus exchange, do you know if the timeline on this or if that will more likely not happen until the LRT line is complete?

Nathan Pachal said...

I do not know the timeline for this. I’m sure we will learn more over the next 6 months.