Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 3rd, 2017 Council Meeting Notes: More citizen task groups formed, and rezoning applications in-progress including Carroll Court replacement

Last December, there was a public hearing for a proposed townhouse project at 198 Street and 55 Avenue. During the public hearing, some people expressed concern about traffic speed and unsafe parking. As I noted in the post about the public hearing, there will be changes to the street design to reduce speeding and discourage unsafe parking. The proponent of the project also will be making the parking within the townhouses large-vehicle friendly.

Unrelated to this project, but important to note is that the City of Langley is also adding additional traffic calming in the area.

At Monday night’s council meeting, this project’s rezoning application and its development permit were approved.

Council also gave first and second reading to a rezoning application for two proposed apartment buildings. Giving first and second reading, allows a public hearing to be scheduled at a future council meeting. It also allows a conversation at that meeting about if the projects conform to our official community plan, zoning bylaw, and development guidelines.

The first proposal is for a 4-storey apartment building at 54 Avenue and 198 Street.

Rendering of the proposed apartment building located at 198 Street and 54 Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

The second proposal is for a 5-storey apartment building along 201A Street were Carroll Court, which was damaged in a fire, and Merton Court are currently being demolished.

Rendering of the proposed apartment building along 201A Street. Select image to enlarge.

During December, Langley City council moved to a goal-oriented task group model for its citizen committees. The latest task group to be formed is the “Develop a Sustainable Program” to “Deter Crime and Target Crime Hot Spots” Task Group.

On Monday, I was appointed to the task group along with the following Langley City citizens: Vivian Thompson, Lynn Whitehouse, Sandy Dunkley, Davis Krell, and Valerie Frolander.

Councillor Martin was appointed to the Homelessness Action Table Task Group.

To find out about other items covered at Monday night’s council meeting, please read my previous post on the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Those concrete pedestals can sure be an eyesore to these nice developments. The first project on 198th seems to do a better job of hiding it. I imagine those would be a target for graphiti as well. Dos the City recommend anything for these developments?

Nathan Pachal said...

Having landscaping like trees hedges is good for hiding the concrete, and reducing tagging.