Monday, July 13, 2015

A sneak peek inside the new Timms Community Centre

Last Thursday, I was on a tour of the new City of Langley Timms Community Centre with other members of the Parks and Environment Advisory Committee. The new Timms Community Centre is 35,000 sq. ft.

Compared to the old Timms Community Centre, the new community centre will have a large gym and running track. The amount of smaller multipurpose rooms have increased from two to four. While the rooms in the new Timms are multipurpose, they all have special features. For example, one of the rooms is connected to a kitchen space. Another of the rooms has a spring-floor to allow dance classes. The room that overlooks Langley Mall on the top floor also doubles as a training spaces, and has all the connectivity needed to act as an emergency communication room for the RCMP.

The library space in the current City Hall —which will essentially be merged into the Timms Community Centre— was reduced. There is less shelf space now. In its place are new showers and washrooms, plus space for recreation staff.

One of the original objectives for the new Timms Community Centre was increased community meeting space. I know that the City will be looking to program the rooms as much as possible, hopefully there will be enough non-programmed time for other community groups to have access to the facility.

The following pictures are from the tour. The $14.3 million facility should be opened in the first quarter of 2016.

Main North/South Corridor. Community Centre Reception will be on the left.

New Gym. A second floor walking/running loop goes around the gym.

View from one of the second floor multipurpose rooms, looking towards Langley Mall.

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