Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TransLink’s HandyDART Service Satisfaction Increased in 2014

TransLink’s HandyDART service has been in the news over the last little while, but most of the stories haven’t been positive. HandyDART provides door-to-door service for people with physical or cognitive disabilities who would need assistance using regular public transit.

Since 2010, TransLink has commissioned Ipsos Reid to perform an annual customer service performance survey. Ipsos Reid contacted current HandyDART users to find out what they think of the system. The goal of the survey is to find out what users think of the system, their usage of the service, and what could be done to improve service.

Performance of HandyDART among past month users. Select graphic to enlarge.

When it comes to providing a safe, welcoming environment for users, TransLink's HandyDART service gets an “A”. HandyDART drivers are trained to assist users who have disabilities. Overall service satisfaction has been steadily climbing from 66% in 2010 to 73% in 2014.

Interesting enough, South of Fraser HandyDART users score the service higher than other HandyDART users.

On-Time reliable, service availability, and ease of booking of HandyDART are areas where improvements could be made. This is no surprising considering that TransLink has limited financial resources to keep up with the demand for HandyDART service. Interesting enough, a “Yes” vote in the upcoming Transportation and Transit Plebiscite would result in a 30% increase in HandyDART service. For more information, check out the full 2014 HandyDART Customer Service Performance Survey.

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