Thursday, March 5, 2015

Last Night’s Mayors’ Plan Information Event

I wasn’t sure how many people would turn up, but I was happy to see that about 40 people took the time out of their busy schedules to attend an information evening I put together for people to learn more about our region's mayors’ transit and transportation plan.

I gave a brief introduction, then we heard from Mike Buda who is the executive director for the Mayors’ Council. He started by busting some myths about TransLink, and then did a deep-dive on the mayors’ transit and transportation plan.

Mike Buda from the Mayors' Council talking about the transit and transportation plan.

After, Interim Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Victoria Lee talked on how the Mayors’ Plan will make people healthier. She said it was important that the mayors' plan was approved as it will support improving the quality of life for everyone. She noted that seniors have the most to gain as far as quality of life is concerned. Dr. Lee said that the plan will not only improve the physical health of seniors, but also their mental health. Transit will allow more seniors to independently get around to visit their friends, go shopping, and have access to all required services.

At most of these types of events, people line up at the end to ask the presenters questions. I’ve never really liked that format as you don’t get a chance to have good discussions.

At the end of the presentations, I invited people to the front where information posters where available. Mayors’ Council reps, Mike Buda, Dr. Victoria Lee, and I were then able to have some good conversations with people.

Some people asked to see the map of transit improvements for Langley which is part of the Mayors’ Plan, and the slides from Mike Buda’s presentation. I have posted them below.

Langley Transit Improvement Map

Select Map to Enlarge.

Download Map PDF.

Mayors' Council Presentation

Download Presentation.


Unknown said...

Can you please explain the 50% regionally funded idea, and how that affects the Langleys?

Nathan Pachal said...

Sure. Check out:


The basics is that for the major road network, TransLink covers half the cost for upkeep, and will pay for half the cost of expanding roads.