Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Metro Vancouver proposes $4 million park upgrade in Surrey

Surrey Bend Regional Park is one of the larger parks in the Metro Vancouver park system. Located in near Barnston Island, the park is currently cut off from the rest of Surrey by the South Fraser Perimeter Road and CN rail line. While the park receives some informal use, it is official closed to the public.

The parkland is owned by the City of Surrey while Metro Vancouver has a long-term lease for the site. In 2010, Surrey and Metro Vancouver developed the Surrey Bend Regional Park Management Plan.

With the completion of the South Fraser Perimeter Road and Highway 1 projects, Metro Vancouver is now looking at opening up the park to the public and installing recreational facilities. The majority of the park will be preserved with most of the new recreational facilities (including a parking lot) to be put in an area that was previously used by industry. If the Metro Vancouver Board approves, this $4.35 million dollar project will be complete in fall 2015 with construction slated to start this summer.

Metro Vancouver plans to host public information sessions in late April or early May about the changes that will be happening at the park. I thought I'd share maps that show the proposed changes.

Proposed park facilities overview at Surrey Bend Regional Park. Select map to enlarge.

Detailed map of proposed park facilities at Surrey Bend Regional Park. Select map to enlarge.

Between Tynehead Regional Park, Surrey Bend Regional Park, and the Fort to Fort Trail (which connects Fort Langley to Derby Reach Regional Park,) local governments have the opportunity to create a comprehensive greenway walking and cycling network that connects these major park facilities. This would enhance the quality of life of local residents and promote tourism. I know that the City of Surrey is activity building greenways. The Township of Langley is also investigating building a connection to Surrey’s system though all the funding is not in place. I hope that Township council commits resources to building this regional greenway network.

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