Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cycling Signage in the Township

Over the past several years, the Township of Langley has ramped up its effort to invest in cycling infrastructure and bring more visibility to cycling. The Township adopted its ultimate cycling network plan last summer, and is now in the process of putting together an infrastructure plan to implement the network. One of the first orders of business was to adopt a consistent cycling route signage strategy.

The Township of Langley adopted the same signage as Surrey, but separated the cycling symbol from the directional arrows for more flexibility. While Surrey uses a continue-forward arrow on their signage, the Township of Langley chose not to. This resulted in a good chunk of the new signage in the Township being half the size and less visible than the Surrey signage. The next time you are on 96th Avenue, see if you can spot the cycling route signage.

Surrey Cycling Network Sign

The Greater Langley Cycling Coalition asked if the Township of Langley could install directional arrows on all of the new cycling network signage that the Township has installed and install directional arrows on all future cycling network signage. I'm happy to report that the Township has agreed and by the end of the summer, all recently installed signage and future signage will be the same size, and have the same feel as the signage in Surrey.

I’m very happy that the Township of Langley has decided to embrace the Surrey cycling network signage standard and I hope that the City of Langley will be the next to adopt this standard as they work on their master transportation plan update.

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