Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Advertising in Downtown Langley tells people to shop in Fort Langley

A year or so ago, the City of Langley installed new garbage/recycling receptacles in its downtown core. I applaud the City for having recycling available throughout downtown. If you’ve seen the receptacles, you've seen ads on them which are handled by EcoMedia. Anyway, there is a lingerie store in Downtown Langley and I was shocked to see that the City’s garbage/recycling receptacle right in front of that store have advertising for a lingerie store in Fort Langley.

Lingerie store in Downtown Langley (Purple Strip Awning), Garage/Recycling Receptacle Left of Store

Advertising for Fort Langley Lingerie Store

I know this is a free market, but I find it odd that there is advertising in Downtown Langley that essentially says, don’t shop at this store in Langley City, shop in Fort Langley. While a business should be able to advertise, I would have hoped that Downtown Langley merchants would have cut a deal with EcoMedia to advertise local business, not competition in Fort Langley.

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Anonymous said...

I say Kudos! It's good to see small businesses advertising outside their area. Let people know there are more options! People are so accustomed to the WalMart state of mind. Go to one big place and find everything you need... but be just like everybody else! People should shop at small businesses more often as they are the heart and soul of our economy. And the more advertising they do the better! Get people to step outside their box and maybe find something unique! Let them know they have options. Dare to be different!