Friday, August 10, 2012

202 Street Park & Ride Update

It's been almost a year since I posted about the 202 Street Park & Ride. Site preparation work started late last year and at the end of this July, the proposed design of the facility went to public hearing in the Township of Langley.

This project is being designed, built, and financed by the Ministry of Transportation even though it is a bus loop for TransLink. The irony of the situation is that since TransLink was knee-capped by the Province earlier this year, there is no funding to run Bus Rapid Transit service between the Park and Ride and SkyTrain (the main point of the facility.) So until TransLink's funding is sorted out, this will likely be a lightly used Park & Ride.

That being said, one of the important benefits of this project is the construction of the 202 Street underpass which will provide HOV access to the highway and a new pedestrian and cyclist trail along the east side of 202 Street that will provide direct access from 86 Avenue and 88 Avenue to the Park & Ride.

202 Street Underpass. Click to Enlarge.

Though the Park and Ride can handle 800 motor vehicles, bike parking was missing from the original plan. The current version of the plan now includes secure parking for 5 bicycles.

202 Street Park and Ride Landscape Plan. Click to Enlarge.

202 Street Park and Ride Bus Loop. Click to Enlarge.

202 Street Park and Ride Lot. Click to Enlarge.


OctaviusIII said...

Are you kidding me? 5 bike parking spaces out of 805 spaces? That's outrageous.

Tim said...

Wow 5 eh. Don't go all crazy now. I hope more can be added easier. I hope we get the type of lockers that there are in San Fran. Electronic lockers

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this coming along, plan on using this Park and Ride to get to Surrey City Centre in the future.