Friday, April 13, 2012

TransLink Efficiency Report

I wrote a post on Civic Surrey about my thoughts on the TransLink Commissioner’s TransLink Efficiency Review that I invite you to read. I also found some interesting stats on the Revenue-Cost ratio from Calgary Transit. They also have a fare comparison on the same page. The higher the percent, the better.

Toronto: 477.4m 71%
Winnipeg: 45.2m 59%
Montreal: 388.6 55%
Calgary: 94.4m 53%
Vancouver: 211.3m 52%
Ottawa: 99.3m 52%
Mississauga: 30.6m 47%
Edmonton: 76.3m 44%

Ridership (millions)
Revenue-Cost Ratio (percent)
Based on 2010 CUTA Ridership

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know why Winnipegs cost recovery is so good without Metro or LRT and only buses (that are supposed to be more expensive to operate than LRT/Metro/Skytrain), and if we could learn from it.