Monday, April 2, 2012

City of Langley stops morality crusade

Over the last month, I've posted about a proposed change to the City of Langley's zoning bylaw that would have prohibited a laundry list of what some people might consider morally objectionable businesses in the City of Langley. There were two letters opposed to the blanket banning of uses in the City of Langley at the public hearing held on March 19th and I'm happy to report that common sense prevailed and Council ended up amending the zoning bylaw to only prevent non-licensed medicinal marijuana dispensary and "teen dance clubs" from being acceptable business uses.
A roundtable discussion ensued arriving at a consensus that the bylaw move forward including the information contained in the first two bullets of the explanatory note (community centre and medicinal marijuana dispensary issues) but without the C3 zone prohibited uses.

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