Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amtrak Station in Blaine

Last December, I posted about an initiative by citizens in Blaine to save their rail station that is just south of the border from being demolished. Right now there is no Amtrak service in Blaine, but many are calling for the train to stop there as not only will it benefit the people of Blaine, but also those who live in the South of Fraser. Having this station up and running would shave about two hours off the travel time.

It looks like the restoration of the station is now getting support from South of Fraser community including the City of Langley. The City has sent a letter to the State of Washington and BNSF Railway endorsing an Amtrak stop in Blaine because of the "significant economic and environmental benefits a commuter rail station would bring to residents of White Rock and the Region".

The City of White Rock and Surrey already support this station, but the reality is it will require the support of the citizen of Blaine if we are to see a station that can more effectively service the South of Fraser.

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Wandering Coyote said...

This would be great! I regularly take the Amtrak to Seattle, travelling via transit from Surrey to downtown Vancouver to catch the train. I always wish there were a station in White Rock to save me time. Blaine would not be a bad idea - if there were some way I could get there directly from Surrey without a car.