Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tourism Langley

With the new year on hand, Tourism Langley has published a new report called “Taking a Closer Look” which is a 5-year review of the organization which they presented to the City of Langley on Monday.

Public and Private Revenue from 2008 to 2011

Tourism Langley Office - Total Visitors 2008 to 2011

What I found interesting about the report is that year-over-year revenue has been on the decline as have the number of visitors that have used their tourism office.

Many in the community have questioned whether Tourism Langley is an effective organization to promote tourism in the community. I found this letter to the editor in the Langley Advance.
The constitution of Tourism Langley, which the Township endorsed on Oct. 19, 2007, included the following purposes:
-that it "grow tourism" - It has not grown.
-that it "increase visitor revenue" - It has not increased.
-that it "facilitate tourism relationships within the community" - Is Angie Quaale's letter an example?
-that it "provide quality service to tourism-related businesses" - The 20.3 per cent decline in tourism does not qualify as "quality service" (remember 2010 was the year of the Olympics; there should have been a huge increase, at least in 2010).
While we have been in one of the worst economic periods in recent history, I also have to wonder if Tourism Langley is the best way to attract tourist and their money to the community if this letter is indeed true. I have to say that Tourism Langley's own report painted a bit of a bleak picture for tourism in Langley.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nathan, have you actually spoken to Tourism Langley about this?

I love Langley said...

You point out that Tourism activity in Langley has declined however you and your readers should know that this is not something that is unique to Langley! The economy suffered a major hit and a recession in 2007 and 2008, with the mortgage meldown crisis , failure of banks in the US etc. This has had impact to travel in a major way. Tourism is a "discretionary" expense so it gets hit when the economy goes through a slow down as it has in teh last 3 years so it is not a surprise that tourism to our province ( except one month in 2010 due to Olympics) and our area Langley is showing a decline.
This creates even more of an argument to have an non profit entity like Tourism Langley to undertake initiatives and marketing programs to promote Langley. Our company operates 2 hotels in Langley and am pleased with the work of Tourism Langley. You will be impresseed with the brochures, and materials prepared by this organization.

I love Langley said...

If tourism stats are a refection of the downturn in our economy since 2007/2008. We hit a major recession with the failure of banks and the realestate meltdown in the USA. Tourism Langley is doing awesome work promoting Langley through it's various programs and activities. Do pick up their brochures, travel guide etc and you will be impressed!