Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 City of Langley in Review

The City of Langley posted up a year in review brochure on their website that highlights “some of our significant achievements in 2011 that contribute to our efforts to create a vibrant, healthy and safe community.” Most of these achievements have been covered on this blog including:

-New Cenotaph Monument at Douglas Park
-New Fraser Highway Bridge over the Nicomekl River
-Expansion of Al Anderson Memorial Pool at City Park
-New Sustainability Checklist
-In 2011, the “Serenade” and “Blu” Multi-Family Residential Buildings were completed in Downtown Langley and the “Varsity” on Fraser Highway is now under construction.
-“The Collection” featuring a New BMW and Mini Dealership was completed In 2011

The only thing that stuck out as an odd highlight was the car dealership as I don't know how that contributes to the Downtown Master Plan and creates a walkable community. It's basically a fancy strip mall off the Langley Bypass. The development even turns it back on Glover Road which is a huge faux pas in creating walkable space.

2012 will certainly be an exciting year as the Master Transportation Plan is due for an update and McBurney Lane will hopefully get a face lift. Of the course the biggest challenge for the City will be getting its aging infrastructure in the Downtown area upgraded to support the Downtown Plan.

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